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All insurance companies are required to offer Florida homeowners credits for particular construction techniques, that help to reduce wind damage caused by hurricanes, tropical storms and other windstorm related events.
Florida Statute 627.0629

We have performed thousands of inspections throughout Central Florida.

Licensed, insured and experienced, we’re happy to answer your questions and perform a superior inspection efficiently, accurately with the insurance certificates emailed from your house.

Inspections We Perform

  • Wind Mitigation Inspection

Inspectors need attic access to verify mitigation features including roof-to-wall connection, roof deck attachment and to verify if a secondary water barrier is present. Please make sure your attic is accessible prior to the inspection. If our inspectors cannot access your attic, you may not be eligible for these important discounts.

Other areas inspected include the home’s structure and construction materials, roof shape, garage doors, windows, skylights and storm shutters. We document items only relating to the OIR-1802 form. Insurance carriers will determine what discounts homeowners are entitled to based on the wind certificate. Inspections will average 30 minutes. The OIR-B1-1802 certificate is valid for 5 years.

  • Four Point Inspection

A 4 point Inspection is usually required to receive quotes for insurance before issuing a policy on the property and generally on homes over 25 years old. The 4 Point Inspection reports on the four main components in your home including the electrical, HVAC, plumbing and roof. Many insurance carriers require a 4 point inspection report before issuing a policy on the property.​ Check with your agent, some carriers will request this inspection go beyond 25 years some less. ​

  • Roof Condition Inspection

​A Roof Condition Inspection is typically requested by the insurance carrier when the last roof permit is 15 years or older or there is no permitting located or recorded. The inspection is used to document the current condition and an estimate of remaining service life.

​​* Consult with your insurance agent for current underwriting guidelines.

Maximum Solutions

Is your current Wind Mitigation Certificate section 4 checked “A” as in the photo ?

​Maximum Solutions specializes in retro-fitting hurricane clips throughout Florida saving homeowners money on their homeowners insurance. ​From the attic, each truss attachment is observed and brought up to code as needed to obtain the credits given for a clip rating. Most homes built prior to 1995 are not up to current building codes and need this upgrade. Most upgrades will save homeowners up to 50% off premium.
Visit Maximum Solutions or
Call 855 344 7595 to schedule your free evaluation today.

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